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Peels offer a chance to press the reset button on wrinkles, scars, acne, uneven pigmentation and dull skin! While chemical peels won’t tighten loose skin or erase deep scars or wrinkles, they do add value to your skin care routine and may prolong surgical interventions. Chemical peels resurface and exfoliate facial skin, providing a healthy foundation for daily care, sunscreen, non-surgical facial treatments such as injectables and in conjunction with facelifts.

Peels come in a variety of depths with each type of peel targeting different layers of the skin and related issues. The deeper the peel, the longer the side effects (ie. redness) and benefits (wrinkle reduction) last.

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No Reaction = No Repair

When peels are administered after a full skin and health evaluation by trained and competent professionals, they are safe and provide consistent results. Depending on the skin’s general condition and sensitivity, as well as the peel depth (concentration and pH of chemicals utilized), one may expect to experience redness, swelling, tenderness, scabbing, peeling, change in color and, rarely, scarring. Expect to experience redness of the treated skin following a chemical peel which could last for several months after a medium or deep chemical peel.

Getting Skin Ready

Daily use of sunscreen is essential for overall skin health and for protecting your skin investment. Priming and pre-conditioning the skin 4 weeks before a peel treatment is a crucial step to post-peel success! Many of ZO Skin Health’s products are specifically made to get skin ready for procedures. Pre and post treatment, cleanse skin as usual and avoid the use of skincare and makeup. Feel encouraged to ask questions and voice concerns both before and after a peel. We are here for you!

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