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Facelift and Neck lift

Facelift and Neck Lift

Facelift Surgery Arkansas

What is a Facelift?

A facelift, or a rhytidectomy, is a surgery performed for facial rejuvenation. It involves making an incision in specific locations to ensure the scars are not noticeable. The goal of a facelift is to treat sagging skin in the face and neck and also improve the appearance of volume loss in the cheekbone area.

A facelift will improve signs of aging in the face and neck. Some signs of the aging face include a sagging midface, deep creases under the eyes and along the nose extending to the corners of the mouth, fat loss creating a sunken in or hollow look and decreased skin tone of lower face and chin leading to jowls, or sagging loose skin and fat.

What is a Neck lift?

Neck lift surgery is a transformational procedure for people with the classic signs of an aging neck. Skin laxity, visible muscle bands, and fat accumulation all contribute to an aged appearance. A neck lift is a surgical procedure performed that helps address the lower third of the face. A neck lift raises the sagging muscles of the neck and jowls, eliminating them and creating a youthful and natural profile definition, without a tight or pulled look. This procedure will help improve your appearance and make you look more youthful.

What factors contribute to needing a Facelift?

The loss of a youthful face can be due to a variety of factors including: heredity/genetics, gravity, environmental conditions (smoking, sunlight), weight-loss, and stress. Additionally, accumulation of fat under the chin may produce a fuller neck. Loosening of the neck muscles (platysma) may produce the appearance of hanging cords. It is important to note that any facelift or neck lift or both must address the muscle layer, fat and skin in order to achieve long lasting natural results. Dr. Kelamis will discuss all of these concerns with you during your facelift consultation.

Combining a Facelift and Neck lift at the same time

A facelift and neck lift are complementary and may be performed at the same time! More than one procedure is often performed in conjunction with a facelift in order to create a more harmonious facial rejuvenated appearance. These procedures may also be performed separately depending on the patient’s aesthetic and other goals.

The full facelift addresses the mid-face as well as lower face, jowls, neck and lower eyelids (blepharoplasty). The brow is not part of a facelift but can be addressed separately with a brow lift.

What other procedures can be combined with a Facelift?

Other common procedures often combined with a facelift include neck liposuction, chin implants, upper eyelids (blepharoplasty) addressing excess eye skin and fat removal, and facial peels. Dr. Kelamis customizes a plan for each patient to achieve a natural, long lasting result with the most rapid recovery. During your facelift consultation, Dr. Kelamis will review your expectations and what are the best options to achieve your desired results.

Facelift and Neck lift surgery recovery

Many patients find a facelift to be a much quicker recovery than they expected. After surgery, patients feel confident to go out in public in about 7 days when there is minimal swelling and bruising. Dr. Kelamis minimizes trauma to the skin through careful surgical technique and gentle handling of the delicate facial tissues. Most patients can wear their hair up with minimal scar appearance at 2 weeks. While every patient heals at their own unique rate, the final healing and appearance occurs in a gradual manner.

You may expect two weeks of downtime before you would feel comfortable being in public after the neck lift procedure. The final results may take up to a year though the majority of healing is going to happen in the first 6-10 weeks following neck lift surgery.

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“Dr. Kelamis and his team are amazing. Dr Kelamis spends a lot of time with you at your first consultation answering all of your questions and I never felt rushed. You can tell he is very meticulous and wants to give you the best result possible. I have had multiple surgeries and this one far exceeded my expectations. The surgery center was amazing. Dr Kelamis did an amazing job and I am overjoyed at my results. I am so thankful. I can not recommend him and his clinic enough!”

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Facelift and Neck Lift FAQs:

Where are the scars for a facelift located?

A neck lift scar alone is behind the ear and under the chin. A facelift scar is around the ear and in the hairline, which allows hair to be placed up without scar visibility. Both men and women will find their scars to be well hidden.

What is SMAS and why is it important?

The SMAS is an acronym for superficial musculo-aponeurotic system. It represents the layer of tissue just deep to the skin of the face. Appropriate manipulation of this naturally occurring tissue plane helps restore/improve contour and volume in the cheekbone region and provide nicer contour for the neck. Lifting the SMAS during a facelift is key for achieving long lasting natural results. Lifting skin alone will result in an unnatural tight look, will loosen quickly and will result in a stretched scar.

Is it possible for you to reduce the fullness of my neck during my facelift?


Definitely! It is safe to have liposuction and direct fat removal from a full or “heavy” appearing neck. Safely performing these procedures will lead to better contouring of the neck, reduced appearance of the ‘double chin’ and a more aesthetically pleasing profile.


Am I the right age for a facelift?


A person’s age does not necessarily warrant or preclude him/her from having a facelift/neck lift. Age plays a slight factor, but of paramount significance is the patient’s overall health, skin health and how he/she has aged. Many patients that have had significant weight loss are candidates for a face/neck lift at a much earlier age. Every patient is different and it is important to understand each individual’s unique anatomy and expectations. Typically, patients in their forties may be a candidate for a neck lift alone or a partial face lift and neck lift. Patients above age fifty usually require a full face lift/neck lift for the most optimal results. This varies on a patient-by-patient basis. The consultation with Dr. Kelamis is helpful to review your goals and expectations as well as to collaboratively develop the right plan of care for you.


What can I do to prepare for my facelift surgery?

The dedicated use of a proven, medical-grade skin care protocol is important to keeping your results for as long as possible after facelift surgery. ZO Skin Health offers pre-procedure protocols such as the Daily Skincare Program, Anti-Aging Program and Aggressive Anti-Aging Program to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and protect delicate facial skin. Dr. Kelamis recommends starting your protocol at least 6 weeks before surgery. Operating on healthy and detoxed skin will ultimately lead to longer lasting results post-facelift.

What can I do to maintain my refreshed look after my facelift surgery with Dr. Kelamis?

Dr. Kelamis recommends maintaining healthy skin with the daily ZO Skin Health protocol that best meets your needs (see above) while also maximizing your results with 3 products from ZO’s Prevent and Correct line:

Soothing Ointment is used immediately after a facelift and/or neck lift surgery to help quiet inflammation, provides comfort to irritated skin and boosts cellular regeneration.

Recovery Creme relaxes post-surgery redness and inflammation and restores moisture for smoother texture.

Firming Serum works for all skin types to tighten, firm and improve the appearance of sagging skin and loss of elasticity. The antioxidant and antiinflammatory components minimize damage while replenishing hydration and reinforcing a healthy skin barrier.

Equally important after facial surgery is sun protection. Select from one of ZO’s 6 sunscreen options to avoid sun-induced dark spots, fine lines and scaring. From powder to sunscreen with primer, mineral-based to skin-tone hues, ZO Skin Health offers sun protection for everyone!

When can I resume my normal activities after a facelift?


Following facelift and/or neck lift surgery, patients typically can resume normal activities, including work, after 10-14 days. Patients may resume use of electronic devices and begin to work from home as soon as 24 hours. Strength training and intense exercise can commence at 6 weeks post-procedure.

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