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Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

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Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Recurring hernias can lead to abdominal weakness that has a lasting negative effect on one’s overall health. First-time hernias typically require surgery to repair while repeat hernias may indicate the necessity of abdominal wall reconstruction. This may especially be the case when multiple previous hernias have not been successfully repaired through surgery alone. In a situation like this, a procedure like abdominal wall reconstruction may be necessary to fully restructure the abdominal area and repair hernias at the same time. Contact Dr. Kelamis at Kelamis Plastic Surgery to schedule your initial consultation and find out if abdominal reconstruction may be right for you.

When Is Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Necessary?

Abdominal wall reconstruction may be necessary when recurring abdominal weakness brought on by repeating hernias has led to the point that the same general procedure will not provide adequate repair.

What Does Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Involve?

The process begins with a consultation with our plastic surgeon, during which you will get to discuss your goals and concerns and find out if abdominal wall reconstruction is the right procedure for you.

The goal of the procedure is to rearrange and reshape the muscles of the abdominal wall. This is because while a single-instance hernia may only require general surgery to appropriately treat, recurrent hernias often signify the need for a deeper, more involved procedure such as abdominal wall reconstruction.

Abdominal wall reconstruction tends to produce more efficient results because it addresses multiple health concerns with the abdomen at once. If the abdominal area as a whole would not benefit from a single hernia repair, a full abdominal wall reconstruction may be the best option.

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