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Breast Augmentation: Everything you need to know about this popular cosmetic surgery procedure.

You’ve likely heard a lot about breast augmentation in popular culture. Some people call the procedure a ‘boob job,’ and most know plastic surgeons are the go-to specialists to meet their goals. People choose breast augmentation to enhance the size, [...]

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a buttock enhancement or gluteal augmentation procedure where fat cells are collected from specific parts of your body (abdomen, outer thighs, etc.) and carefully grafted (injected) into the fat cells of the buttocks. This procedure [...]

All You Need To Know About Chemical Peels

Who doesn’t appreciate a healthy glow in the winter months? Looking to enhance that well-rested youthfulness and turn back the time on sun damage and/or acne scarring? A facial chemical peel could help!  Along with your usual skin care routine [...]

Every month is injectable month at Kelamis Plastic Surgery!

Every month is injectable month at Kelamis Plastic Surgery! Let’s start with the basics—What are injectables and how can they help you meet your wellness and beauty goals? Injectables is a catch-all term for two types of medications injected into [...]

Therapeutic Massage

Kelamis Plastic Surgery has partnered with Cindy Dewitt, LMT, CLT of Willow Wood Therapeutic Massage to offer our clients a safe place to receive therapeutic massage that helps your body heal faster, regenerate new tissues, and remove toxins. Willow Wood [...]

Welcome to Kelamis Plastic Surgery

Welcome to Kelamis Plastic Surgery! We are honored to have the opportunity to care for you. Kelamis Plastic Surgery is a full-service plastic and reconstructive surgery practice offering Dr. Kelamis’ incomparable technical surgical skills, communication and established local reputation for [...]