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Gender-Affirming Mastectomy

Initially, when I had my first consultation back in January of 2021 with Dr. Kelamis, he was with his previous practice. He wasn’t my first consultation however the general reviews were great so  I decided to give him a shot. I couldn’t locate any pictures of the results from his top surgery procedure (a.k.a. reconstructive double mastectomy) and was cautious and wary when going into the consultation. They also only had two pictures from patients with the same surgery in the office as well. However, when I met him, I knew he was the surgeon for me and my personal body type. He is kind, caring, and open to any questions you may have about him or the procedure itself. He explains the reasoning behind his choices in an understandable manner and I felt like I could trust him.

The day of my surgery went the smoothest I could have ever hoped for. The hospital staff was fantastic and treated me like a king- they kept me calm and treated me more as a person than a  patient. Dr. Kelamis came in beforehand to take the measurements and double-checked that the way he was going to operate was okay with me. After I agreed, I was whisked back for the surgery!

Post-op, I was exhausted (understandably so). He had two drains leaving from my stomach instead of under my armpits which made emptying them and carrying them/resting with them easier than I anticipated. I also had waterproof bandages on so I could shower the day after my surgery. I was sent home with papers on how to drain my bulbs, sleep, shower, medicine schedules, and the anticipated side effects of the medicines. There were a few questions that I  did have that weren’t on the discharge papers so I emailed the surgeon/the office and asked.  The response times were phenomenal!! I had an answer within a day even on Sundays- which surprised me honestly. They began to move to their own office and separate from the previous practice in the middle of my process so my post-op appointments are at their new office. My first one was in-person so he could remove my drains (they felt like a wet noodle) and look over the incisions to make sure everything was healing alright/change the dressings on the incisions. He answered any questions I had and answered a few questions I had for him in regards to those looking for a surgeon. I was also their first telehealth appointment for my 1-month post-op. The call went really well! There were a few seconds where his side lagged but other than that it went really smoothly!

All in all, I’ve had a fantastic experience with Dr. Kelamis and I honestly don’t think I could have chosen a better surgeon.

(If you would like to contact me for any questions feel free to email me at 1423@gmail.com)