Breast Reconstruction

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47-Year Old Patient

Breast Reconstruction Patient
  • 47-year old patient 1 year after left mastectomy with immediate reconstruction using smooth round silicone implant and right mastopexy with implant for symmetry.
  • She underwent lest nipple reconstruction 3-months after the first surgery, followed by tattoooing to match pigment.
  • All photos are 1-year post reconstruction.

45-Year Old Patient

  • 45-year old patient who underwent left mastectomy (top row).
  • She had a free DIEP flap to the left breast with right breast mastopexy for symmetry (bottom row).

53-Year Old Patient

  • 53-year old patient left skin-sparing mastectomy and right prophylactic mastectomy (right nipple sparing).
  • Right breast was reconstructed with silicone implant.
  • Left nipple reconstruction was done 3 months later, followed by tattooing for pigment match.
  • All photos are 1 year post-op from reconstruction with flap and implants.

53-Year Old Patient

  • 56-year old patient with implants prior to bilateral mastectomy (top row).
  • She desired to be larger, and bilateral tissue expanders were placed during mastectomy (middle row).
  • The deformities of the breasts are very common when expanders are present. These resolve once expanders are removed.
  • 6 months after exchange of expanders for silicone implants (bottom row).